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Microteknik provides a huge assortment of highly effective Solar Energy Equipments that suit most of the requirements for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial segment. Solar Energy Equipments are specially designed to run on solar power and thus save energy. These Solar Energy Equipments are available in various sizes and dimensions and can be customized as per the requirements of the customers.


We are one of the largest manufacturer of Solar Energy Equipments in India. We strive to optimize performance & efficiency at lower cost. Our research team tests new material, manufacturing methods & improved distribution systems so that manufacturers can manufacture a good quality Solar Energy Equipments. New solar technology is evaluated as it develops. Besides improving existing products & systems, Inter Solar research team explores exciting Solar ideas about Solar Energy Equipments.
Our R & D achievements include freeze protection, scale protection, Integrated solar controls & much more.

Why Solar Power

Solar Energy is the cleanest and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources. Solar radiation is the heat, light and other radiation that is emitted from the sun. Solar radiation contains huge amounts of energy and is responsible for almost all the natural processes on earth. The suns energy, although plentiful, has been hard to directly harness until recently.

  • Each minute enough sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface to meet the world’s energy demand for an entire year.
  • You can use clean electricity from photovoltaic panels on your home or business to replace power produced by coal, oil, and nuclear power plants.
  • A solar power system ties into your current utility connection, turning your electric meter backwards when the sun shines.
  • Photovoltaic technology is proven, reliable, and has no moving parts.
  • A solar power system on your home or business demonstrates your commitment to clean, renewable energy.

Solar Water Heater System

Solar energy is the cleanest and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources. Solar radiation is the heat, light and other radiation that is emitted from the sun. Solar radiation contains huge amounts of energy and is responsible for almost all the natural processes on earth. The suns energy, although plentiful, has been hard to directly harness until recently.

Our solar water heaters are specially designed to meet all kinds of industrial and domestic applications. It is very easy to control and install offering high efficiency and durability. The collector material is an output of Canadian technology for effective water heating. We provide additional backup coil to heat water during rain. We manufacture these solar heaters with varied capacities according to the demands of the clients.

Our solar water heaters can be maintained at a lower cost. Some of the major applications can in be power plants, hotels, hostels, apartments, processing industries and pharmaceutical industries.

Featured Solutions

  • Today,solar heating is becoming more important than even before.Natural gas and oil,which are burned to heat our homes and water are limited.
  • Solar water heaters do not pollute.
  • More people use Solar Energy Equipments to heat the air and water in their homes to keep our environment cleaner.

Solar Deep Freezer System For Vaccines

These Solar Energy Equipments include Solar Deep Freezer System which use Direct Current (DC) power input that is generated by solar panels, Photovoltaic panels (PV panels), and can be used in either an off-grid or grid-tied application. Off-grid systems are not tied to outside power grids (utility company) and stand alone. The system is self-sustaining, free standing, and fairly simple in nature. Once the system is in place, all energy requirements are FREE and generated from the off-grid system itself – the solar panel/controller/battery. In this situation the unit’s low power requirements are satisfied through the use of, in most cases, a single PV panel. The PV panel’s generated electrical charges are then passed through a controller, which regulates power and properly recharges the DC battery that provides power to the refrigeration/freezer units.

Save ENERGY and MONEY with our AC and DC powered (Solar - Battery) refrigerators and freezers. These ULTRA efficient refrigerators and freezers have exceptional low energy consumption which requires SMALLER, LESS EXPENSIVE photovoltaic power (PV) systems when used in an off grid application. All units have the option of coming with auto transfer AC to DC power - so they can be connected to the power grid and can use DC power as backup only OR be used completely off grid as a self sustaining, no additional cost solar power system.

Solar Lighting Systems

The Digital Technology used enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put for maintenance. We also manufacture custom built solar power inverter pack as per the load requirement of the customer.

Solar Power Inverter ( Mini )

40 watt

Solar Power Inverter

200 watt

Solar Power Inverter

500 watt

Solar Power Inverter

640 watt

Solar Power Inverter

800 watt

SOLAR UPS is both cost-effective and easy to install. It is also one of the ways in which a company can go about adopting green technologies A solar hybrid system is basically a battery-based UPS, which apart from taking in AC power, can also take power from solar panels, DC power, and finally output AC. Most IT companies have a green mandate from their corporate body to source at least some percentage of their energy through green means.

Stand alone Security/ Street Lighting System

Solar Street ighting System operates without cables and hence reduces transmission and cabling losses. it consists of SPV Module tubular battery with batter box, 4 mtr. pole. Lamp housed in weather proof assembly with inbuild solid state charge controller. Its operation time extends from Dawn to Dusk without any reduction in Performance.

Light weight Portable, Environment Friendly, Noise free operation, Save electric Power, High efficent, ABS plastic body with acrylic chimney. Inbuilt rechargeable SMF battery. Compact fluorescent lamp, Electric circut with crystalline silicon SPV module. over charge deep discharging reverse polarity protections.Solar Lighting Systems are most important part of Solar Energy Equipments.

35/37W SPV Module

70/74W or 2 Nos. 35/37W

1 no. 37/75W

12V 40AH Battery

SPV Module

12V 40 AH Battery

11W CFL Lamp

12V 75AH Battery

9W LED Lamp

Manually Operated

11W CFL Lamp

Dusk to Dawn Operation

Solar Garden Lighting Systems

Solar Garden lighting systems, is a device that operates using the Light energy available from the sun to provide lighting during nighttime. The Solar PV outdoor lighting is a reliable and an efficient stand-alone system. It consists of a Solar PV module, a Battery & a Luminary with very high efficient electronics all mounted onto a pole with necessary hardware & cables.

  • Solar Energy Equipments for Home
  • Solar Energy Equipments for Office/Mall/Industries
  • Solar Genrator
Solar Power System for Home

Solar Energy Equipments consist of Solar Power Systems for Homes processes happen to be turning into very popular these days considering they happen to be ecological favorable, unlike the other processes through which we happen to be creating power.

Solar Power System for Office/Mall/Industries

Solar Power Plant will generally recommended at the place of centralized power generating sector and feed into the load as per the usage of the customer in both domestic and non-domestic. Minimum capacity starts from 1 kw to any capacity as per customer requirements like 5 kw, 10 kw, 50 kw, 100 kw and more.

Solar Generator

Solar generators are designed to transform solar energy directly into electric energy by using photovoltaic cells. As compare to other fuel generators, it is very low cost formula for generating electricity for home or other commercial purpose. These generators have backup battery where it store sunlight energy and then supplies that stored power to the connecting devices.

Solar Power Pumping System

It is a well known fact that how the electricity prices are rising. We have something for our clients to feel relaxed about. Our solar water pumping systems make efficient use of solar energy and convert it to electrical energy for pumping water to great heights. The kit we manufacture and supply contains water pump, Solar Module, battery and other small electrical operating elements. The battery can store sufficient amount of energy for a long period of time. We make sure that this device is installed carefully and completely.

  • 1 HP and 2 HP solar surface pumps are commonly used for pumping the water from the well or open channel as per the site condition.
  • 1HP SWP consist of 900WP SPV module .1HP surface DC pump along with control DP switch with all the complete accessories and 2HP solar surface DC pump consist of 1800WP SPV module and 2 HP surface DC pump with the all accessories