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We have emerged as a reputed manufacturer & exporters of Pharmacology Instruments such as Respiration Pump, Brodie Operating Table, Operating Table, Rat Operating Table, Small Animal Operating Table, Small Animal Holder, Animal Head Holders, Animal Holders, Spirometer, Benedict Roth Recording Spirometer, Organ Jar Bath, Isolated Organ Baths etc. We are Looking Enquiries from Asia, Europe, Middle east, Africa, North America, South America & Australia.

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Respiration Pump


Respiration Pump : Single cylinder pump with mechanically operated value. All metal construction. The driving cone has 3 slots of 6", 9", 12" diameter and is accurately balanced. A 0.25 HP motor workable on 220V AC 50Hz single phase operates with the pump. The stroke is adjustable and is graduated up to 250 cc. Motor coupled on adjustable castor wheeled base.

Ideal Respiration Pump (V.R.V.S.): Capacity up to 500 CC.

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Brodie Operating Table


Brodie Operating Table : As per the standard Brodie design; top 51" x 18" x 40" high, fitted all round with cleats; metal hot plate 24' x 12' with heating chamber heated with two electric bulbs; removable 11"x 9" head piece; two stainless steel upright rods sliding in slots; dog holder with its upright and universal joint ; controlling switches.

Two partition shelves are provided for accessories etc. Wheels and handles are fitted. The Brodie’s Anaesthetic Bottle and Air warmer is an optional accessory.

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Operating Table


Operating Table (Improved) : A versatile design for variety of applications. Table top Stainless Steel size : 125 x 48 cm. With flat railing all along the length on both sides to take accessories. The table top is provided with drainage system, with fine vertical adjustment through latest pinion-lift system replacing hydraulic system.

The frame is sturdy and provides sufficient leg space and is provided with foot-rest. The tie -cleats are of Stainless Steel and the equipment is provided with universal clamps for accessories, animal support plate and uprights which can be fixed to the side-rails in any desired position.

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Embalming Table


Embalming Table is truly a combination table, ideal for embalming, dressing and transfer. The table is constructed of a stainless steel top with a convex surface, stainless steel frame and 6" ball-bearing wheels. The swivel wheels lock to keep the table stationary while in use. The drain, located in the center of the foot end, quickly eliminates fluid from the table.

Features and Specifications:
Length: 82"
Width: 30.75"
Height: 35.25"
Wheelbase: 69.5" x 27"Weight: 83 lbs.
Max Load Weight: 600 lbs.6" wheels keep table stationary while in use.

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Rat Operating Table


Rat Operating Table has a unique feature with top adjustable for inclination on stand.

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Small Animal Operating Table


Small Animal Operating Table : Suitable for rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and such like small animals. Top is of stainless steel and provided with adjustable head holder, tie-cleats, cut-back at the head-end with warming chambers.

Power Table :
Made of wood with teak ply. Teak top removable dimension of table 36" height x 48" long x 20" wide. Stainless steel shaft 3/4 diameter with cone pulley for different range in 5/6 steps of 3 & 300 RPM. It can be operated on HP motor complete table with handle and caster for easy movement.

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Power Table


"TEKNIK"Power Table

Made of wood with teak ply. Teak top removable dimension of table 36" height x 48" long x 20" wide. Stainless Steel shaft 3/4 dia with cone pully for different range in 5/6 steps of 3 & 300 RPM. Operatable on HP Motor complete table with handle and caster for easy movement.

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Animal Holders


Animal Holder (Dogs, Cats) :

  • Stainless Steel bar 50 mm size with universal joint

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Small Animal Holder


Small Animals Holder has a unique feature:-

  • Single U & ring pattern, 38 mm with universal joint

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Animal Head Holders


Animal Head Holders (Universal) : For rabbits, cats, guinea pigs & small dogs etc.

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Pneumograph Stethograph


Pneumograph Stethograph : Corrugated rubber tube with side clips, open link chain. Suitable for use with any tambour.

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Spirometer : Capacity 6 litre complete with chain / chord compensates counter balance to float through pulley. Tube calibrated to denote volume. Inlet and outlet tubes provided. Complete with corrugated tube and mouth piece.

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Benedict Roth Recording Spirometer


Benedict Roth Recording Spirometer (BMR) consists of following features:-

  • Six litre capacity, Spirometer has been provided with a unit of 4-speed electric recording Kymograph with gravity writing ink-pen.
  • Easily accessible valves, soda-lime container with screw connections in central chamber drain cocks to all tubes and containers.
  • Sampling cock provided for connecting the patient to Spirometer or atmosphere.

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Digital Respinometer


Polished Stainless Steel tank, with capacity of 7 manometers a side. Digital temperature display with resolution of 0.1 deg. C. Temperature control to within +/-0.5 deg. C. Stainless Steel immersion heater. Stirrer for uniform temperature. Manometers mounted on graduated scale for reading pressure changes. Flask with center well & side flask attached to manometer. Oscillation of manometer approximately 90 rpm. Powder coated exterior, with wheels for easy mobility. Capacity 7 manometers, temperature range of 5 deg. C above ambient to 60 deg. C.

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Organ Bath


Made of transparent acrylic sheet, chemically welded to make it perfectly leak-proof. Capacity of bath 750ml. Complete with uprights, organ & oxygen tubes, capillary tubing, frontal lever.
Temperature by immersion heater controlled by a Thermostat.
Chember Size: 8" x 5" x 5"

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