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We have emerged as a reputed manufacturer & exporters of Pharmaceutical Equipments such as Tablet Making Machine, Tablet Counter, Tablet Coating Pan, Tablet Polishing Pan, Tube Crimping Machine, Tablet Hardness Tester, Telethermometer, Pole Climbing Apparatus, Actophotometer, Tail Flicker Type Analgesiometer, Eddys Hot Plate, Radiant Heat Digital Type, Histamine Chamber, etc. We are Looking Enquiries from Asia, Europe, Middle east, Africa, North America, South America & Australia.

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Rabbit Holder


Rabbit Holder (Wooden): Wooden, box-type, front top lid opening, air-window push system and neck holding arrangement.

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Digital Rheometer


Digital Rheometer 

Feature and Benefits:-

  • Sophisticated Rheometer with continuous sensing and display.
  • Stand-alone programming: Enter data, temperature requirements, start program, see results on built-in display.
  • Computer programmable using optional Rheocalc 32 software lets you control all aspects of rheological testing directly from the computer.
  • The tool to easily predict a materials flow, spray or pumping behaviour by studying shear rate profiles.
  • Has built-in math models for data analysis in stand-alone mode, eg. Casson.
  • Complete with appropriate spindles, Rheoloader program, power base, guard leg and carrying case.

Accuracy: 1.0% of range Repeatability: 0.2%

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Rotary Vacuum Flash Evaporator (buchhi Type)


P - R4 :-The apparatus consist of an evaporating flask rotated by non sparking induction motor in a heating water bath. Vacuum distillation of solvent at high and low temps. is achieved quickly and efficiently by use of fixed speed motor, which prevents foaming and bumping of liquid solvent into evaporating flask and also distillation under controlled atmosphere. The evaporating flask is pear shaped to give a large surface area of evaporation and is clamped to a glass duct which goes through the drive unit and protrudes about 120mm into the condenser. The condenser is fitted with standard joint at the top and the bottom for receiverflask. The unit is fitted with a quick action jack.
Capacity Available1 Ltr.3 Ltr.5 Ltr.10 Ltr.
Optional Accessories
Double walled thermostatic water bath.Digital tmp. controlled water bath.Vacuum Pump.

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Suppository Moulds


Suppository Moulds :
These are usually made from brass available as below ;

  • 2 moulds (1, 2, 3, or 4 gr.) -  Any one size
  • 4 moulds (1, 2, 3, or 4 gr.) -  Any one size
  • 6 moulds (1, 2, 3, or 4 gr.) -  Any one size
  • 8 moulds (1, 2, 3, or 4 gr.)  -  Any one size
  • 12 moulds (1, 2, 3, or 4 gr.) -  Any one size

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Sietz Filter


Sietz Filter : For use with filter pads clarification and sterilization Seltz filters made from solid stainless steel bar are specially designed for effective filteration of all types of liquid in various laboratories, when filter pads are employed with they remove all matters and even particle of cellodie nature liquids.

Available in following capacities :

  • 14 cm to take 140 mm filterpad cap. 500 ml
  • 6 cm to take 60 mm filterpad cap. 60 ml
  • 3 cm to take 30 mm filterpad cap. 30 ml
Filter pad of 25 Nos. :
3 cm., 6 cm. and 14 cm.

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Tube Crimping Machine


Tube Crimping Machine :
Hand lever and sliding movement with toothed jaws, spring action release of jaws.

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Tincture Press


Tincture Press :

  • Capacity 1 litre vessel and contact parts made of stainless steel sheet duly perforated.
  • Complete with screw press.

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Sigma Blade Mixer


Used for mixing of highly viscous mass, sticky and dough like products, Mixing of pastes, rubber, and heavy plastic masses, appl

Application & Process: 

The Sigma Mixer is used for mixing and kneading for mixing, kneading of highly viscous mass, sticky and dough like products, Mixing of pastes, rubber, and heavy plastic masses, applications in Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and agro industries, Dry powder to wet phase mixing. This mixer is most suitable for highly viscous material and dough like masses.

Total Capacity

Working Capacity




3- 5



















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Electro-Medical Apparatus also known as Telethermometer (digital) : It consist of six channels to measure the temperature. Channels are selectable via switch on the pannel. Show one temperature at a time with six probs.

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Actophotometer (Activity cage):
It consist of six built in photo senser and 4 digit digital counter to indicate the locomotor activity. It measures the spontaneous and indicated activity with digital totalizer. It also incorporates electric shock of upto 100 volts for activating rats. The stimulus is variable from 0 to 100V & indicating on meter.

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Tail Flicker Type Analgesiometer


Tail Flicker Type Analgesiometer : It is a tail flicker type analgesiometer (mark -I). It provides pain stimulus by heated nichrome wire in a rat tail to determine analgesic effect of drugs. Complete with one spare element to work on 220V AC.

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Eddys Hot Plate


Eddy's Hot Plate is used for determining analgesic effect of morphine in case of mice. Consisting of heating surface with perpex enclosure with micro-controller based digital temperature indicator controller to set surface temp. Between 30° C to 80° C.

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Radiant Heat Digital Type


Radiant Heat Digital Type :

(Mark IV) with Digital chronoscope. Same as mark-I, but with foot switch & digital time interval counter.

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Electro Convulsometer


Electro Convulsometer: The instrument provides 50Hz stimulus current which can be adjusted 0.15mA to 330mA in discrete steps for producing minimal and supra maximal seizures required in the assaying of anti-epileptic and anti-convulsant drugs. The application of stimulus current can be controlled by an electronic timer from 0.1 second to 1 second in steps of 0.1 to 3 seconds in 11 steps. An L.E.D. indicates the duration of stimulus.

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Rota Rod


Rota Rod:
Used for determining neuro-pixicity, muscle tone, balance and motor co-ordination in rats and mice. Digital counter to count the time of dropping of the rat. Consisting of compartments of 75mm width each with a rotating rod of 25mm diameter having speeds of 5 to 50 R.P. M. with time interval counters in each compartments:-

  • Two Compartments
  • Three Compartments
  • Four Compartments

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