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We have emerged as a reputed manufacturer & exporters of Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipments such as Ampoule Filling & Sealing Device, Ampoule Clarity Test Apparatus, Ampoule Washing Device, Antibiotic Zone Reader, Bottle Cap Sealing Machine, Bottle washing machine, Capsule filling - sealing machine, tablet filling-sealing machine, Tube filling-sealing machine, Bulk Density Apparatus, Disintegrator, disintegration rate test, Friability, Dissolution, Jar test apparatus, Plethysmograph, Viscometer. We are Looking Enquiries from Asia, Europe, Middle east, Africa, North America, South America & Australia.

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Ampoule Filling & Sealing Device


Ampoule Filling & Sealing Device : Electrically operated with piston of syringe having adjustment for quantity of liquid to be filled. Completed with burner for sealing.

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Ampoule Washing Device


Ampoule washing device:
Pan made of stainless steel 6 nos. Nozzles made from brass richly chrome plated and tap to connect water from out side.

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Antibiotic Zone Reader


Antibiotic Zone Reader : The Antibiotic zone reader provides a rapid accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materials by measuring the diameter of an inhibited zone in petri dish.

This zone reader measures the diameter of the inhibited zone to 0.02mm with the range of 0 to 35mm. It works on 220V AC 50Hz.

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Anderson Pipette


Anderson Pipette :
Particle size determination apparatus, (sedimentation pipette, andrerson) consisting of 500ml. Graduated cylinder, graduation from 0 to 20cm and fitted with 10rni. Pipette with three way stopcock, the tip of pipette at the level of 0 mark at the cylinder.

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Bottle Cap Sealing Machine Hand Operated


Bottle Cap Sealing Machine : Portable, hand operated equipment with two extra cap holders of different sizes. Totally casted machine hand operated.

  •  Hand operated.
  •  -do- electrical operated (mounted on heavy stand.) 

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Blender :
Electrically operated with speed control device with two stainless steel jars of different sizes.

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Ball Mill


Ball Mill consists of following features :-

  • Electrically operated, motor driven made of stainless steel
  • Capacity : 1, 2 and 5 litre mill made of stainless steel

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Bottle Washing Machine


Bottle Washing Machine :
Washing tank made of stainless steel mounted on sturdy square ms pipe frame duly powder coated, motorized driven unit embedded in a metallic box rested on the main unit with a drill check to accommodate various size of washing brushes. Workable on 220V-50Hz AC mains.

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Bottle And Liquid Filling Machine


Bottle / Liquid Filling Machine : A sturdy and heavy unit made of CRC sheet mounted on a heavy angle iron duly powder coated. Capacity of output of water is adjustable through cam system knob provided from 50 ml. to 300 ml. It can be operated in two ways:-
(a)    Hand operated.
(b)    Motorized (Semi Automatic) operated.

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Conical Percolator


Conical Percolator:-

  • Stainless steel jar on stand.
  • Capacity : 500ml, 1 lit. and 2 lit.

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Collapsible Tube / Ointment Filling Machine


Collapsible Tube / Ointment Filling Machine : Stroke type machine. Filling capacity adjustable 5gm to 50gm. Detachable nozzles provided for each capacity. Hooper and contact parts made of stainless steel.

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Capsule Filling Machine


Capsule Filling Machine : A compact hand operated machine suitable to fill two-part hard gelatine capsules no. 0, 1 & 2 by interchangeable plates. Main body made of heavy cast iron and all contact parts made of brass richly plated or stainless steel. Handle locking arrangement makes the operator to lift the loading plate without fear of damaging the capsules. Pressing is achieved by cam system which also saves time to press the plunger as compared to screw system. Plate of stainless steel for any one no. Is supplied with machine. For filling 100 to 200 capsules.

Optional : Plates of other nos. supplied, on demand.

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Cannulae: (Borosil Glass)

Made from Borosilicate Glass :

  • Arterial
  • Venous
  • Syme’s Perfusion
  • T-Shaped

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Cone Blender


Cone Blender (Double cone blender): It consists of two stainless steel cones welded with a cylindrical shell and having charging and discharging at opposite ends mounted on a channel stand. Drive is by means of an electric motor & reduction gear box through a centre shaft. The cone is mounted on plummer blocks for easy movement there by ensuring through mixing. To facilitate easy movement of the cone while charging and discharging of the large units, a special inching arrangement is provided with the unit motor used are single phase.

Capacity : a) 5 kg.
                 b) 10 kg.

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Small Animal Cage


Small Animal Cage: Made of steel body duly powder coated or stainless steel. With feeding bottle and feeding bowl, the removable waste collecting tray below the cage size :

  • 18 x 18 x 14
  • 18 x 18 x 20
  • 24 x 24 x 18

Note :
Rack for above at extra cost.

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