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We have grown as a reputed manufacturer of Microscopes such as Dissecting Microscopes, Student Microscopes, Medical Microscopes, Inclined Microscopes, Binocular Microscopes, Trinocular Microscopes, Co-Axial Concept Microscopes, Computer Compatible Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes, Inverted Tissue Culture Microscopes, Polarising Microscopes, Fluorescent Microscopes, Operation Microscopes, Projection Microscopes, Polarimeter, Abbe Refractrometer etc. We are Looking Enquiries from Asia, Europe, Middle east, Africa, North America, South America & Australia.

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Fluorescent Microscope


Fluorescent Microscope is used for capillary examination. This technique is a new, highly sensitive rapid method of diagnosing malaria. It is also useful in the diagnosis of filariasis and leptospirosis. The principle of this method is the malaria parasite picks up fluorescent stain into their nucleus and cytoplasm, so that its morphologic characteristics can be examined by fluorescent microscopy. The nucleus appears green and the cytoplasm reddish orange,

The Capillary is coated with Acridine orange on its inside. Parents Blood is loaded into this capillary and centrifuged at 12000 rpm for 5 minutes. The Blood components settle at different levels in the capillary. These different layers are displayed in the picture.

Examination of the area just below granulocyte-RBC junction helps to detect the malarial parasites, as these are concentrated in this are upto 1000 times. Examination of Lymphocyte / monocyte layer using transmitted light helps to detect the schizonts, and gametocytes which gets concentrated in this layer very easily.

Method of Examination:

The granulocyte layer is then seen under 62x oil objective. By changing the light source to fluorescent light the parasitic forms can be seen as greenish orange stained structures. Using only transmitted light the parasitic forms are seen as block pigmented structures as shown in the preceding photomicrographs.

Other Information

  • Packaging Details: This microscope we prefer for the personal delivery and the demonstration but still if it is not possible then it is securely packed in two different thermocol b

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Dissecting Microscope


Dissecting Microscope has a heavy round base with precisely designed body. Sensitive focusing is done by rack and pinion arrangement. Revolving arm provided for moving magnifying lens over full stage area.
Size available : 85 x 75 mm with glass plate.

  • Illumination : A Plano-concave mirror fitted in fork for light reflection
  • Optics : 10X & 20X eyepieces

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Student Microscope


Student Microscope, a straight tube monocular research microscope. Body inclinable upto 90° with separate coarse and fine adjustments. Triple revolving nose-piece. Fixed stage with stage clips, sub-stage plano-concave reflecting mirror with fixed condenser / iris-diaphragm. J-1 : with 10x, 15x or 5x huygenian eyepieces (2 nos. ) and 10x, 45x objectives. J-1A : comes with moveable condenser.

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Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope


Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope is designed to observe tissue cultures, protozoans, planktons and any type of microbes in liquid media in cavity slides, cavity blocks, watch glasses or petri dishes etc. Involving wide range of applications.Mounted on a pole and can be positioned in vertical height range upto 140 mm. Complete with koehler's illumination system with focused condenser lens with iris-diaphragm filter-carrier etc.

JS-32 :

  • Binocular observation head inclined at 45° with wide field 10X eyepiece (Pair) & PH 5X, PH 10X, PH 20X, PH 40X Achromatic objectives

JS-34 :

  • With Trinocular observation head with 10X wide field eyepiece (Pair) and PH 5X, PH 10X, PH 20X, PH 40X objectives

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Medical Microscopes


Medical Microscopes is a straight tube monocular research microscope. The body is inclined upto 90° with separate coarse and graduated fine adjustments reading to .002mm. Triple revolving nose-piece, double lens condenser Numerical Aperture of 1.2 with iris-diaphragm and rack-n-pinion adjustment. Fixed stage with detachable mechanical stage, sub-stage plano-concave reflecting mirror inter-changeable with sub-stage microscope lamp.

J-2 :

  • With 10X, 15X or 5X hygenian eyepieces (2 Nos.) 10X, 45X, 100X oil-immersion (spring loaded) Achromatic objectives
  • Magnification : upto 1500X

J-2A : It is available with fixed mechanical stage, export quality, as per ISI specifications. Supplied in a thermocol box & then wooden box.

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Medical Pathological Microscopes


Medical Pathological Microscopes (Advanced)


  • Viewing Head:Monocular 45°
  • Eyepiece :WF 10x-18mm
  • Nosepiece:Quadruple, Upright
  • Objective:Achro 4x,10x, 40x(SL) and 100x(SL)
  • Mechanical Stage:120x120mm with XY movement
  • Focusing Movement:Separate Coarse and Fine movement
  • Condenser:Moveable Abbe N A 1.25 with Iris Diaphragm
  • Light Source:Plano-concave mirror, LED Lamp
  • Filter:Blue
  • Carrying Case:Styrofoam Packing
  • Supplied with :Manual & Dust cover

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Inclined Microscopes


Inclined Microscopes is a versatile microscope with observation tube inclined to 45° rotatable through 360°, built-in base illumination with light intensity control and 6V-20W halogen bulb. Separate coarse and graduated fine motion knobs. Slides on ball bearing ball guides. Fixed graduated square co-axial mechanical stage. Sub-stage moveable condenser and a 1.2 with iris-diaphragm. Quadruple revolving nose-piece.


  • J-3 : With 10x, 15x or 5x hygenian eyepieces (2 nos. ) 5x, 10x, 45x, 100x oil-immersion (spring loaded) achromatic objectives
  • Magnification :upto 1500x

J-3E : It is available with wide-field 10x eye-piece and 15x or 5x huygenian eyepiece and built-in co-axial mechanical stage.

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Binocular Microscope


Binocular Microscope: Specifications of body as above but provided with Binocular observation head inclined at 45° rotatable through 360° and with inter-pupillary adjustment.


  • With Hygenian eye-pieces 10X, 15X (Paired) Achromatic
  • Objectives : 5X, 10X, 45X & 100X - oil immersion (spring loaded) detachable mechanical stage
  • Magnification : 50X to 1500X

J-3AH : Same as J-3A but with 10X w.f. Paired eye piece and built-in co-axial mechanical stage.

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Binocular Pathological Research Microscope


Binocular Pathological Research Microscope is one of the best microscope for viewing transparent or translucent specimens without a loss of resolution. This technique has proven to be a valuable tool for medical researchers in the study of living cells, cultures and many applications. The PROPORTIONAL –INTEGRAL– DERIVATIVE CONTROLLER (PID controller) is a generic control loop feedback mechanism (controller) which is widely used in medical control systems. This device is mainly used in Animal husbandry, various governmental & private Semen banks. This device is used to retain the plate at a proper temperature to check the live semen’s under the phase contrast light.


Optical System
Plan / Achromat optical system.
100x-1000x for visual observation.
Eyepiece tubes
Binocular tube, Sidentopf type ( 30°, IP distance 55-75mm, 360° rotatable).
WF 10x (F.O.V. 20mm) & Centering telescopic eye-piece.
Quadruple nosepiece, reversed type.
Rectangular142x 120 mm surface stage mounted on the main body cross travel 130x50mm using low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob.
Plan / Achromat10x N.A.0.25, 20x N.A.0.4, 40x N.A.0.65,100x N.A.1.25
Phase contrast condenser, Annular diaphragm turn plate.
3W LED lighting system with brightness controller.
Frosted White Filter & Green Filter
Digital PID Bio-Thermal Hot Plate:
Control Action
PID Reverse Action
K type thermocouple
Relay Output
1 deviation High alarm (AL1)
Temperature Range
Room Temperature – 100° Celsius with auto cut facility.

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Trinocular Microscopes


Trinocular Microscopes have structural specifications same as inclined and binocular microscopes but provided with a trinocular observation head which combines a binocular observation head and a vertical single tube for photomicrography. Complete with a built-in co-axial mechanical stage.

J-3B : with paired eye-pieces wide field 10x, huygenian eye-pieces 5x, 15x, achromatic objectives 5x, 10x, 45x, 100x - oil immersion (spring loaded) with periplan eyepieces P-10x for photomicrography.

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Co-axial Concept Microscope


Co-Axial Concept Microscope is a quality research microscopy system with ball bearing guideways for highly sensitive focusing system free of even slightest back-lash.

Salient features:-

  • High transmission Binocular head with multi-layer coated prismatic system
  • Co-axial focusing system
  • Co-axial mechanical stage for X & Y movements which provides extra large viewing area
  • Quadruple nose-piece with Ball Bearing mountings providing accurate alignment
  • Built-in base light 6V-20W illumination with continuously variable intensity
  • Abbe condenser N.A. 1.2 moveable on rack-n-pinion with iris diaphragm
  • Optics specially designed to accommodate Neubauer chamber or Blood Cell counting chamber
  • Interchangeable to inclined observation tube or Trinocular
  • All lenses hard anti fungus coated

Optical Combinations :

  • Achromatic Objectives : Parafo called and centred - 5X, 10X, 40X (spring loaded) and 100X (spring loaded)
  • Eyepieces : 10X (Paired) Super Wide Field

Other Model:

 JZT     :    Trinocular Microscope 

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Computer Compatible Microscope


Computer Compatible Microscope is specially designed for use with microscopes. It comprises of microscope camera system with imported camera, compatible with Computer.

Salient Features:-

  • Coloured Camera CCD high performance compatible enough to scan 430 lines with 8mm or 16mm iris focus
  • Can be attached with computer
  • Can be stored on disk or hard disk
  • Can be printed out on any high resolution laser printer
  • Can be compared with old data stored and present picture at a time on screen through software

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Digital Microscope

A Robust and stable body.
Objective: All objectives are antifungal coated long barrel at the highest numerical aperture such as(Plan) PL4X NA 0.10, PL 10X NA 0.25, PL40X NA 0.65(S.L.) and PL100X NA 1.25 oil immersion(S.L.) for brilliantlysharp and flatter images.

Eye Pieces: High eye point antifungal and antireglected extra wide field 10x/20mm paired eyepiece.

Trinocular Head : All prism have anti-reflected and antifungal coatings. Having 30º inclination, 360º rotatable.

Nose piece : A reversed type nosepiece running on ball-bearing balls ensures a smooth motion.

Mechanical Stage : Co-axial coarse & fine focusing mechanism based on four steps reduction gears system which runs on ball-bearing guideways, is provided with special tension adjustment rings. Stopper system is provided so that the slides may not get damage.

Condenser : Abbe's condenser NA 1.25, rack & Pinion adjustment.

Light Source : 6V 20W halogen lamp or 3W LED Light with adjustable brightness. 
SPECIFICATIONS of Digital Microscopes : 

Camera Specifications 
Image Sensor: 1/2" 3.0MP CMOS
Valid Pixel: 2048*1536
Pixel Size: 3.18μm *3.18μm 
Digital Output: 24bit (color)
Image Format : Frame Rate-7.5f/s@ 2048*1536:800x600 30f/s
White Balance : Manual/Auto
Output : USB 2.0

System Configuration 

LED Size: 10.1" LED Screen with fully touch panel
Processor: Intel Atom 1.66Ghz (Dual Core)
Hard Disk : SATA 32GB
Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 and 8
2 USB slots, USB mouse, Wi-Fi, RJ-45 for internet connectivity.
1.3MP front webcam. Easy to use.

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Stereo Binocular Microscope


Stereo Binocular Microscope is a versatile microscope to observe objects upto 50mm with trans-illumination base having 100mm dia-interchangeable with milky or transparent round glass plate. Binocular Head with Inter-pupillary adjustment from 55° to 75°.

  • JS-2 : Straight Binocular Head and fixed objectives 2X or 3X w.f. paired eyepiece 10x or 15x
  • JS-3 : Inclined Binocular Head inclined at 450 with Eyepiece 10X or 15X w.f. paired objective 2X, 3x, 4X and 5X
  • JS-4 : As per JS-3 but with trans Illumination base suitable for artificial and transmitted light arrangement and elbow hand rest
  • JS-5 : As per JS-3 but with built in light base for incident (Epi.) and sub stage (transmitted) for Individual or simultaneous use
  • JS-6 : As per JS-3 but with revolving turret mount for quick change of objectives

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Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope

Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope is used for viewing flat 3-Dimensional image having parafo called zoom objectives providing continuously variable magnification upto 200X depending upon eyepieces and auxiliary lenses.

Standard Featur
  • Binocular tube with an inclination of 45° for greater ease of  observation
  • Microscope Zooming ratio 1:5
  • Extra wide field eyepieces 10x (Paired)
  • Magnification 10x to 50x. (Standard)
  • Rack-Pinion focussing stroke 50 mm
  • Crisp, erect images with high resolution and excellent stereoscopic effect
  • Standard  Working  distance  80 mm, regardless of magnification
  • Interpupillary distance from 54 to 75mm
  • Binocular body can be rotated at full 360° and locked in any position desired
  • Once brought in focus, image remains clear and sharp throughout the whole zoom range
  • Dual Illumination system having incident and transmitted illuminators, for Individual use or both at a time controlled through solid state built-in transformer for 60V-20W halogen Bulbs
  • Packed in plywood Storing cabinet with operation manual, vinyl cover etc

: It is available with Trinocular Head.

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