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we provide you with the best range of Medical Anatomy Instruments such as Mortuary Chamber, Bone and Meat Cutting Machine, Meat Cutting Machine, Autopsy Table, Cold Room, Metal Mincing Machine & Cadaverous Injector. We are Looking Enquiries from Asia, Europe, Middle east, Africa, North America, South America & Australia.


Bone And Meat Cutting Machine


Bone & Meat Cutting Machine is used by anatomy & meat departments for cutting & packing of meat, fish etc. Sturdy base with large moving and extensive table working on ball-bearing rollers. Table made of aluminium or stainless steel sheet.


  • Supplied with one blade, starter, cord-plug etc. It works on 220V AC 50Hz single phase
  • Table size : 785 x 585 mm
  • Table travel : 1245 mm
  • Optional : Spare cutting blade

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Very Useful for preparing specimen of big size in Anatomy and Meat Departments. Fitted with large moving table and extension table operated on four ball-bearing rollers. Used extensively in the meat packing, and wholesale fish industry, for handling swordfish and large halbutes etc.

Specifications :–

  • Size of cutting table 785 x 585 mm approx
  • Total Table Travel 1245 mm approx
  • Extension Table 455 x 760 mm approx
  • Size of Wheel 455 mm approx
  • Height 1700 mm approx

The table is made of thick S.S. sheet with special heavy axles for easy and firm movement. Supplied complete with one blade, starter, cord and plug.
Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Spare Accessories :–
• Blade for above.

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Meat Cutting Machine


Meat Cutting machine / Cautery machine :

Meat cutting machine is design for mid sized animal butcher shop and restaurants.Constructed of heavy steel angle iron claded with ms sheet duly power coated table stainless steel and used 18” blades .Electrically operated .This is ideal for those with limited space but requiring a saw capable of cutting all types of products.It has an easily removable door with smooth surface for easy cleaning and feature adjust able guide that slide down to expose only blade that is being used .Meat & Bone saw tabletop 18” s/s blade medium duty 24” cutting clearance cut.The minimum specimen will be 3mm in width.The travel of the ss table 18” in travel.

  • Electrically operated
  • Stainless steel Table top
  • Adjustment of the cutter for upward & downward position
  • Total unit on casters for easy mobility

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Autopsy Table


Autopsy Table is a stainless steel table on Stainless Steel tubular stand of first class workshop scientifically designed for maximum efficiency. Two nos. 6" wide body, support, Head rest, Crusher for disposal swing spout mixing fuccuet. Stainless Steel water basin with hot & cold mixing tap. Complete with Drain Pipe.

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Cold Room


Cold room has total body with heavy sturdy angle iron & channels outer body is made of MS sheet duly painted. Inner chamber made S.S. single door opening system with door opening alarm. Temperature 4° C is brought down by hermetically sealed compressor and controlled by microprocessor based temperature variation alarm facility controller, puff insulation to maintain the temperature, inner chamber illumination total unit is moveable on casters.

Capacity: 108 sq. Feet.

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Cadaverous Injector


Cadaverous Injector is used for injecting Formaldehyde solution in cadaverous at much higher speed than normal gravity process. Unit is fully covered & mounted on a portable trolley having four castor wheels for easy movement.

Unit consists of one air compressor fitted with 1/2 HP Motor which is connected with a Stainless Steel Tank of 10 liters capacity meant for storing and injecting the solution. Tank is fitted with a safety valve, pressure gauge and rubber tubing having provision for injection. Supplied completely with electric cord, plug and suitable to work on 220V AC 50Hz supply.

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