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Company Profile !!

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing a wide range of  Blood Bank Lab Instruments and Blood Bank Laboratory Equipments, we have established ourselves with the name of Microteknik since 1972 to provide best quality equipments for various applications. The technologies we represent are latest and directive and are always up to date about the new and modern techniques through our partners World wide.


Company Outlook
Our hunger for growth is never ending and our commitment to quality for Blood Bank Laboratory Equipments is uncompromising. We are determined to improve productivity and focus on innovation and up gradation of our products and people.

At Microteknik, we design and develop a complete range of scientific and Blood Bank Lab Instruments with highest quality standards. We constantly update technologies and methodologies to ensure reliability and consistency at each level of instruments production.


Our Product Range:




Rotary Microtomes (Erma and Spencer Type), Cryostat upto -70º C, Automatic Razor Sharpners



Monocular, Binocular, Trinocular, Computer Compatible Operating Stereoscopic CCTV.


Visual Equipment:

Overhead Projectors, Epidiascopes, Projections.


Heat and Refrigeration Systems:

Incubators, Ovens, Water Baths, B.O.D, Hot Plate, Blood Bank Low Temperature Research Cabins


Clean Air System:

Laminar Air Flow , Fume Hoods


Seed Technology:

Germinator Moisture Meter, Grader, Divider, Dryer, Growth, and Chamber.


Pharmaceutical and Pharmacology Equipment:

Kymographs, Muscle/ Nerve Assembly, Organ Baths, Tablet hardness Tester, Making M/C ETC.



Spectrometers, Travelling Microscopes and Telescopes